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America: a country of unforgettable relaxation

Hearing about America, tourists in most cases draw in their imagination pictures of noisy and many-sided cities with skyscrapers supporting the sky, luxurious hotels and wide ribbons of "highways". However, the USA is also virgin forests located in Wyoming or Washington, the harsh deserts of California and Arizona, the majestic Mississippi, tropical swamps of Florida with their exotic inhabitants and much more.

Almost every one of us wants to visit the USA. So what exactly is this attractive force and the charm of American tourism? Perhaps we are talking about fantastic beaches along the coast, or majestic harsh mountains around the continent, noisy megacities or quiet countryside ...? As a rule, most of the tourists are attracted to world-famous cities of the United States such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, etc.

Big "American" Apple - New York
One of the best ways to start exploring the city is a walk along the famous Brooklyn Bridge. Looking at the landscape from this location, you will get incomparable pleasure and enjoyment. An equally obligatory moment of the tourist program is a night visit to the Empire State Building. Well, in the end, go to the Ellis Islands and get acquainted with the local celebrity - the Statue of Liberty.

American Cuba - Miami
For a tourist traveling around the USA, the most important moment is getting to know the different cultures and traditions that this country opens up. And for this, it is better not to find a place than Miami. The scenic surroundings of Little Haiti as well as little Havana are Miami's greatest charm. Here you will be able to get in touch with different cultures, get acquainted with all sorts of funny and interesting traditions.

Los Angeles: City of Angels
Already from a bird's eye you can see the scale of this city: endless quarters, a huge number of cars of the most famous brands ... We welcome you "on board" luxury life!

Walking around the outskirts of Los Angeles, visit the famous Avenue of Stars, which is located on Hollywood Boulevard. No less interesting is the study of a small area in front of the Chinese Theater. With the onset of darkness, Hollywood Boulevard turns into a sparkling theater: a huge number of various cafes and restaurants, nightclubs and discos open, characters from all kinds of films roam, and funny performances take place. The city of angels is rightfully considered one of the most diverse cities.

Las Vegas: The City of Sin
Perhaps the most fun and entertaining city in the United States is the famous "gambling planet" called Las Vegas. This city will meet you with its luxurious hotels, fiery night performances, the best restaurants and, of course, the famous casinos.

The dancing fountains of the Bellagio gather crowds of spectators every hour, such a performance is breathtaking and gives a lot of positive emotions every time. Three times during the evening near the Tresure Island Hotel a battle is fought between schooners of sirens and pirates. Gondolas scurry along the canals of local Venice, riding enchanted tourists. You can find Elvis Presley almost everywhere.

In a word, the USA is a wonderful country where you can meet a wide variety of people and visit interesting places. Such a journey will leave unforgettable impressions and give a lot of wonderful memories.


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