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Montenegro Country for inspiration

Adriatic Sea. It is it that washes your chosen resort, providing vacationers with landscapes that amaze with their splendor. Holidays on this coast will allow you to get acquainted with the area without spending a lot of money. Despite the fact that many who have visited these places consider Montenegro to be a “budget” option, none of them found it possible to get any worse, the blog for women believes.

There are many of them, more than a hundred, and all of them are comfortable, clean and well maintained. The organizers of the resort area pay great attention to their improvement. It will suffice to say that they all suit even the seasoned Europeans to the full. At least every vacationer has the opportunity to make a choice even in favor of a sandy beach, even rocky, pebble ... There are pristine sections of the coast with vast expanse, but you can find a quiet, hidden cove.

Myths and Reality
One of the most common myths about Montenegro is that tourism in this country is recommended for people who prefer a quiet and relaxing pastime. Controversial statement. The abundance of nightclubs, attractions, round-the-clock bars and all kinds of entertainment enterprises is so great that many popular resorts in other countries have something to borrow. Lovers of a healthy drive will certainly not be bored. However, in the myth there is also a half share of truth - all conditions have been created for those who wish to relax in peace and silence. It remains only to make a choice.

Get your brushes on the go
Sights of Montenegro, incredible beauty of the landscape attract hundreds of artists to this region. Landscape painters from all over the world come here, capturing the marvelous ruins, starry sky, sea elements ... In the workshop of the Lord God, artists joke, at the birth of the world, one of the most talented assistants of the creator worked on Montenegro.

Among people who visited these parts, some had the ability to fine art. Still not knowing how to properly hold the brush in their hand, they intended to recreate, with their inept drawing, at least part of this amazing world.

Gourmet Travel
It would be unfair not to attribute local cuisine to the sights of this region. The people living in Montenegro are extremely hospitable. This quality arises in the people under certain conditions: fertile land and a good climate give a rich harvest, abundance generates in people "create" food and treat everyone with it. Local dishes amaze not only the imagination, but also the taste. Each has its own characteristic, presented in detail in the menu. Try all the dishes, it may not work, but strive for this.

Forewarned, armed, wellness
In Montenegro you will find a lot of healing: plants, air, water, even the atmosphere itself. Health-improving institutions will offer you hundreds of various procedures. On the part of the organizers of the resort system, it would be unreasonable and wasteful not to use such a resource for healing people. But here - there is a catch, which is able to spoil the whole rest. It is about your personal medical indications and contraindications to certain procedures. Before your vacation, take the time to go to your GP and stock up on the necessary information. With their help, you will either gain access to Montenegrin health, or you will be saved from possible complications. The local medical staff to the availability of the required documents is very strict.

It's better to know
The optimal time that it is advisable to devote to getting acquainted with this country is 10 days. This is evidenced by the opinions of bloggers in a hurry to share their impressions on their pages and forums.

And the most important thing. You can make your vacation in Montenegro much cheaper if you are vigilant in a conversation with representatives of a travel company or agency. No additional vouchers (the agent may call it a “visa”), in addition to the ticket itself, do not need to be purchased. The same with respect to any reservation or the availability of an invitation - all this is just an opportunity to lure you more money. The same rule applies for independent travel: you only need a ticket!

But the lucky ones who can afford a vacation for a month or more should take care of opening a visa. This requires a standard package of documents, virtually no failures. With plenty of time, you can visit neighboring Croatia. The cost of a one-day excursion per adult is 30 Euro. As a rule, guides offer an introduction to the city of Dubrovnik. It is closest to the border, very colorful in architecture, replete with street cafes and souvenir shops.

Quality rest, as we have seen, requires careful preparation and some efforts. But a vacation in Montenegro is worth it, try it yourself!


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