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What you need to know about registering a trademark

Everyone uses home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, refrigerators. Any of these goods has a trademark, thanks to which the buyer understands that he is facing high-quality products from a reliable manufacturer. The trademark must be registered.

In Kiev, trademark registration can be done at Goldmark LLC.

A trademark is a designation that allows consumers to distinguish products from different manufacturers. Many have heard concepts such as "brand", "trademark" or "logo". These words can be called synonyms for the term trademark.

There is a law in Ukraine that deals with trademarks. Registration of trademarks Kiev is a process that includes checking the mark that has been submitted for registration, as well as: entering information about this mark in the State Register and publishing information about the registered trademark.

Any designation can act as a trade mark, sometimes a combination of them is used. There are several types of trademarks. For example, verbal, which includes only combinations of letters, as well as words. There are also graphic trademarks (they are also called pictorial). Such a trademark contains geometric shapes and ornaments. Volumetric trademarks are objects in 3D format. It is also possible to register a combined trademark, which may include several of the elements described above.

It is quite rare that olfactory or sound trademarks are submitted for registration. An example of a sound trademark would be a splash screen on a radio station. The olfactory trademark is the scent of various perfumes.

However, not every picture or word can become a trademark. It is impossible to register designations that are very similar to the symbols of the state (flag, coat of arms). They also do not register those designations that mislead the consumer.

Many are interested in how you can register trade marks. To do this, you need to contact the Goldmark agency. Here you will be asked to present: an image of the trademark that the citizen wants to register (it is better if it is a file); a list of goods to which the trade mark will be "covered"; full name of the applicant. This can be the full name or the name of the company along with its legal address.


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