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How to learn to dance salsa

If you plan to learn how to do something, you should prepare yourself for the work to be done. After all, in order to achieve success, work is needed, and if there are not enough of them, then it will take much longer to study.

Are you already dancing salsa, but, in your opinion, not masterly enough? Or maybe you are just planning to start learning? In this case, in order not to waste time, we advise you to find a good instructor - with him the process will go quickly and efficiently. So, where to find a good teacher, with whom dancing and teaching it does not take much time and will give the best result?

When looking for a dance teacher, you should pay close attention to several characteristics. First, the instructor is not obliged to perform incredibly masterly steps himself, he must be able to teach you how to do it, that is, describe, explain and show in a high-quality, understandable and accessible way. Thus, he must be able to demonstrate in order to successfully convey all the information about the dance to the student.

The second point is that the instructor must have a complete understanding of the style, steps and technique. This means that he must be able to take these complex elements of the dance and decompose them into simple steps, connecting with other movements and showing similarity.

Third, the teacher must be open and sociable in order to communicate well with the class and get genuine pleasure from the work. And at the same time a good professional - students are very different.

The fourth point is that the desire to teach from the instructor must be mandatory. A good teacher has an attitude, interest and the ability to convey the steps of salsa, accompanying elements and style in a format, form and volume that the student understands in accordance with his counter desire to assimilate the presented material - only in this case salsa will obey you.

Also, the teacher should be patient, exhaustive and supportive. Patience is generally an important trait of a teacher. Carefulness of the individual steps is imperative for the success of the training, so look for an instructor who will expect this from you. In the end, the whole point of attending classes comes down to knowing well what is happening in the dance and how. Look for someone who is really passionate about salsa - and he will teach you everything. Well, to study in a group or individually is already a matter of taste and capabilities. The main thing is the desire to learn and, of course, a good mentor.


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