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Incredible polymer clay products

Do you want to shine among friends and girlfriends with designer jewelry made by yourself! This is real. To begin with, not much is needed: desire and funds. You need to visit a modern polymer clay store, come home, be patient and perseverant, and start making crafts.

For those who are especially curious, it should be told that modern polymer clay (also called plastic or plastic) is a light and plastic material for sculpting all kinds of small-sized products (key chains, figurines, accessories, dolls, sculptures, jewelry), as well as creative modeling all kinds of objects. Such material solidifies perfectly in the open air or when heated at sufficiently low temperatures, it all depends on the type of polymer clay purchased). The most popular manufacturer on our market is Fimo.

You can take whatever you previously wanted to throw away: pen shafts, a used razor, etc. Subsequently, you will become a real professional in the selection of the necessary tools and equipment. The most basic thing that will come in handy for you is polymer clay, a sharp knife, a work surface (glass, plastic board) in addition to stone, if it is cold in the room it will be difficult to knead the plastic, an oven, an oven thermometer, your skillful hands and a violent creative imagination.

Working with plastic will be a lot of fun for you. Since there are many techniques to imitate turquoise, amber, wood, ivory, malachite, agate, opal, filigree, leather, jade, glass, etc.

To date, polymer clay, thanks to the ease of working with it and the availability of methods and technologies for making such handmade products, has become a wonderful additional income, and for some people, the main income.

On the Internet, you can find many detailed photo and video lessons, master classes that will help interested beginners.

Your polymer clay products will delight not only yourself, but your acquaintances, friends, relatives and friends. Your designer jewelry will cause the envy of the people around you and may even become a favorite activity that can generate income.


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