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Going on a bus trip

If you have always dreamed of traveling, visiting unknown countries and cities, trying exotic cuisine, enjoying exploring ancient palaces and cathedrals, observing picturesque lakes, waterfalls and bizarre rocks, then you need to come to grips with the realization of this desire.

We often put off rest for later and as a result we are exhausted both mentally and physically. Traveling by bus is a great way to relieve stress and feel happy. The lack of money cannot be an excuse, because the prices for bus tours are quite low. Meanwhile, buses can travel all over Europe! What should be considered when going on a trip abroad by bus?

Health status
As a rule, a healthy person can easily withstand 3-4 bus transfers, after which a half-hour stop is made. However, if your health condition inspires concern, then you should not neglect it. In addition, it is hardly worth using buses for elderly people over 70, as well as families with small children. If you feel motion sick, make sure to purchase special pills in advance and drink them according to the instructions.

Comfort requirements
All people are different, so what is acceptable to one may not please another. You know your requirements for comfort and preferences best, so make a choice: the usual comfort or the low price of the tour. However, there are two categories of people who will actually be uncomfortable traveling by bus: tall (over 195 cm) men and women and overweight people.

Little tricks of bus crossings
In order to travel by bus as comfortably as possible, take the following set of things with you (in the cabin, not in the luggage compartment): a pillow under your head to help you take a nap with comfort, a bottle of mineral water (never alcohol drinks!), wet wipes, documents, small money in the currency of the country you are going to, a camera, book or tablet to keep yourself busy. At the same time, be sure to tune in to the positive: observe the landscapes outside the window, think about what awaits you in the Czech Republic or Germany, Spain or Portugal, listen to the guide's helpful advice. In this case, you can get the maximum benefit and pleasure from the bus tour, see several European countries for very little money.


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