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The coming vacation fills the soul with delight. Hopes for a wonderful holiday, cheerful and meaningful are dizzy. Amazing countries and cities will open their doors, the gentle sea will beckon with an oncoming wave.

Time to sleep off and not sleep all night long, sunbathe and swim, taste exotic wines and fruits and enjoy the beauty of this amazing country, its culture and traditions, sights and hospitality.

Sunny and tanned Catalonia embraces the rhythm of passionate flamenco in the heart of the capital city of Barcelona. In the city where the great "madman" Antonio Gaudi lived and worked, a magician and prankster who created thirteen objects in Barcelona, ​​each of which is a fairy tale told in the language of architecture.

Ramblas is the longest street in the world, starting in the heart of the capital and flowing like a river to the sea to the waters of the old port. At the mouth of the Ramblas, along the entire length of which mimes and actors, souvenirs and the aromatic intoxicating drink "Sangria", the most incredible pleasures and even adventures, there is a Columbus monument with an elevator inside. And if you go upstairs, then the whole of Barcelona will reveal itself in all its splendor.

Catalonia is of course a beautiful sea. But you can swim to your heart's content in the beautiful Fantasy Island water park. It is difficult to find so many water attractions, extreme and calm, funny and pacifying in the world. To try all the pleasures with you, you need to take one-piece swimsuits and a handbag. It is swimsuits, not one, but at least two, to avoid embarrassment. It is impossible to pass by any water attraction without taking part in it. However, not only the water park will help to return to childhood.

A whole city of attractions is located in an amazing place called Portaventura. You can spend the whole day there, and in the evening, return to the capital to enjoy the magnificent show of the Dancing Fountain. To the accompaniment of the best classical and modern music, several thousand tons of water dance in the rays of light, overflowing and streaming, soaring into the sky at a height of thirty meters and falling, breaking up into myriads of splashes and drops in time with the music.

And of course, do not forget about the lofty and spiritual, dissolving in an endless string of museums and pleasures, visit the majestic temple, the construction of which has been going on for five centuries, the “Temple of the Holy Family”.


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