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Traveling by car

Gathered for a trip by car. What to do? Well, firstly, if you even slightly doubt the technical condition of your car, any of its systems, or something else, throw this idea out of your head. You must be completely confident in your vehicle. It is desirable that this car will serve you for some time - so you will know all its "manners".

About a week before the departure date, carry out the entire list of routine maintenance, and indeed, check your car - it will never be superfluous. The condition of the brake pads and the parking brake, the fuel pump and all filters, the operation of the air conditioner (especially if you eat in the summer), the level of brake fluid, oil, water and antifreeze - everything is important on the road. And more - thoroughly wash the car inside and out. You don't have to drive it for a single day and every crumb can start annoying you on the road.

In addition to the technical condition of the car, you also need to think about what to take with you on the road. Your personal belongings don't count - we're talking about a vehicle.

So here's a rough list of these items:

Compressor or pump;
Fire extinguisher;
Warning triangle;
Lighting wires;
Tug rope;
Engine oil stock (not too large), brake fluid and engine oil filter;
Repair gloves;
A set of tools (jack, pry bar, etc.);
A small amount of money especially in case of a breakdown;
A set of necessary spare parts (individual for each car, but the standard is a set of belts, fuses, light bulbs, electrical tape, a gas pump and a filter, a pair of wheel bolts, etc.).

As for luggage - don't overload the car. The main rule is only the bare essentials. Make a list and go through it several times, crossing out what you can easily do without. In the end, you get exactly what you need. Do not forget to bring a couple of blankets (it can get cold at night), a flashlight, first aid kit and GPS-navigator if possible. Also, it will not be superfluous to grab chargers for mobile phones and a laptop - with a cigarette lighter plug and from the mains. You don't have to spend the night in the car all the time, so don't just use car chargers - this is the mistake of most car travelers. If you are going to travel in low-civilized areas, and there are such areas in almost every country, then it is better to take care of a license for traumatic weapons in advance - it will never be superfluous. And don't forget to wear your seat belt - safety comes first.


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