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Renewable Energy Sources - Solar Panels

Today we will touch on this kind of topic as RES - (Renewable energy sources). After all, it is no secret that the land is on the verge of exhaustion of minerals such as oil, gas, coal, etc.

At the moment, such a question arises, what and how to replace them with? It is for this that renewed energy sources, such as solar panels, solar collectors, solar water heaters, wind generators, etc. Already in many countries, these types of batteries were used, even when arranging private houses.

Think about it, maybe when you are planning to make a new apartment design with your own hands, then turn on solar panels as energy sources. In this article we will discuss such a type of energy as the solar battery, on which it is based, the principle of operation and its pros, and cons, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of the solar battery
Let's start with the advantages of solar energy, the first is almost eternal, the second is a very cheap form of electricity, despite their high cost, sooner or later the equipment will pay off, and will give the consumer free electricity! Thirdly, there is minimal air pollution, one might say that it is an environmentally friendly source of electricity! Fourth, following some recommendations, they are installed almost anywhere, which would be very useful for the Russian Federation. There is only one minus in solar electricity, it is their high cost.

The principle of operation of the solar battery and on what is based
The solar battery is a device for converting sunlight, energy into electricity. The solar battery consists of solar cells, which are based on the photovoltaic effect.

Back in 1839, Alexander Edmond Becquerel observed the photovoltaic effect, his observations showed that the rays of the sun can be transformed into electricity, using special semiconductors, which later became known as photocells (Photocell is an electric device that converts photon energy into electricity).

The solar battery consists of a thin plate, which is divided into two layers of silicon with different physical properties. Outside it is covered with a thin layer of “contaminated” silicon, for example, with a small fraction of phosphorus impurities. A pure single-crystal layer of silicon is located inside this entire wafer.

After sunlight hits the battery, electrons “wander” between the layers in an erratic stream and form different potentials, the layers join together, after which a current appears. This is a very effective way to generate electricity, with it you will lose much less electricity in the transition.


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